• Image of True Crime Vinyl
  • Image of True Crime Vinyl

**Limited edition 12" 140 gram black vinyl copy**

A note from RR:
It has been an incredible experience making this record, but I feel like in order to do it justice we need to put these songs out on vinyl. After all, it's the medium that started it all! Vinyl production starting soon! Comes with a digital download as well!

Thank you so much for supporting new art!
xx RR

Estimated ship date: July 2023

1. When You Gonna Bring Me Love?
2. Queen of Wands
3. Desperate Things
4. Break So Easy
5. Natural Life
6. Beehive
7. True Crime
8. Tied To The Track
9. Venus or Aphrodite
10. Lonesome Sugar
11. The Breakers

It all starts in the empty motel parking lot, stars streaking the sky like luminous mascara pulled by the gravity of tears. The choice is hers: go find a bar to drown her heartbreak or stave off the loneliness with her guitar. In the dark room, she sings songs to herself whose honesty burns so bright it lights the way forward. Sometimes the best things come out of the rubble of desperate things, and at the end of it all—after all the heartbreak, all the cold nights, all the doubts—there is redemption in understanding that whatever happened along the way brought you right where you need to be. With True Crime, Ruby Rae pulls neo-surf noir, rockabilly swagger, and torch-song orchestration out of nostalgic shadows to create an album of songs you wish would linger for just one more chorus; something to keep you company when love leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Ruby Rae - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Lawson White - backing vocals, bass, guitar, baritone guitar, electric sitar, pedal steel, drums, percussion, keyboards, string arrangements
all other instruments

Recorded at Good Child Music in Brooklyn & Nashville
Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Lawson White
Mastered by Matthew Agoglia at The Ranch
Art Design by Katherine Hardy
Published by Voodoo Queen Music + Good Child Music
Ruby Rae Records

All Music & Lyrics by Ruby Rae except:
"The Breakers" addl music by Lawson White
"Break So Easy" addl lyrics by Sarah Sweeney
"Venus or Aphrodite" addl lyrics and music by Lawson White
"Queen of Wands" addl lyrics and music by Lawson White + Russell Howard

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