• Image of The Uncanny 12" Album (Vinyl)
  • Image of The Uncanny 12" Album (Vinyl)

**Limited edition 12" 140 gram black vinyl copy**

A note from RR:
It has been an incredible experience making this record, but I feel like in order to do it justice we need to put these songs out on vinyl. After all, it's the medium that started it all! Vinyl production starting soon!

About the record:
The Uncanny is the sound of a shared dream, it travels from the wilds of Mexico to New York City, the desert, and beyond. It tells stories based in myth, legend, history, and personal experience. The Uncanny evokes feelings of nostalgia for things that maybe never happened, hopes of returning home, and tries to understand what it takes to leave one life behind and start another once your heart is aflame.

Featuring songs "Last Night I was a Virgin," "Magnetic Joy," and "Cry Crocodile," this full length album was written during an art residency in Akumal Mexico in 2015, and recorded at Mavericks studio in NYC & The Ranch in Beacon NY. Although Ruby Rae is listed as the artist, many many musicians, artists and technical experts contributed to the making of this album - without them this would not have been possible.

Thank you so much for supporting new art!

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